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I really don’t want to do this. Seriously, I don’t know that I’ve ever had this much resistance to anything in my entire life. OK, this is going to sound a bit…narcissistic (I guess?). But I think there’s some comfort in selling oneself short. Doing one’s second-best thing. Or even third-best. Knowing one’s calling/soul work/passion […]

Adoption DaySo yesterday I wrote about being adopted, and mentioned a photo with the judge who formalized said procedure, which at the time I believed to be lost. Well. What was lost has now been found!

It’s a bit different than I remembered – there’s no black robe, and there’s two old dudes (one of whom must be the clerk? I have no idea.), but it is still awesome. And a great way for my folks to open a conversation about my origins without it being a big deal – double parenting points for them!

Mom & Gretchen - Adoption Day

On Adoption and Expanding Definitions of Family

I’m adopted. When I was a little kid, I thought everyone was adopted. You see, I had a tiny photo album my parents used to tell me about where I came from. It was the only album in the house that was all mine, and we’d sit and go through the pictures, labeling each of […]

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The Revolution Starts Here

On July 4, 1776, men representing the interests of 13 colonies signed a document – the Declaration of Independence – and took a stand against a government that had no regard for the rights and lives of its citizens. With that act, these men set off the violent separation of the United States from the […]