Adoption DaySo yesterday I wrote about being adopted, and mentioned a photo with the judge who formalized said procedure, which at the time I believed to be lost. Well. What was lost has now been found!

It’s a bit different than I remembered – there’s no black robe, and there’s two old dudes (one of whom must be the clerk? I have no idea.), but it is still awesome. And a great way for my folks to open a conversation about my origins without it being a big deal – double parenting points for them!

Mom & Gretchen - Adoption Day

On Adoption and Expanding Definitions of Family

I’m adopted. When I was a little kid, I thought everyone was adopted. You see, I had a tiny photo album my parents used to tell me about where I came from. It was the only album in the house that was all mine, and we’d sit and go through the pictures, labeling each of […]

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The Revolution Starts Here

On July 4, 1776, men representing the interests of 13 colonies signed a document – the Declaration of Independence – and took a stand against a government that had no regard for the rights and lives of its citizens. With that act, these men set off the violent separation of the United States from the […]

We’re a week out, so I’m watching the election prediction hype for a moment…

I know what I’d like to see happen, as far as candidates and parties and ideals go. You might agree with that vision, you might not – I’m actually not especially concerned about that at the moment.

The reality is that those kinds of results matter very little to me this year. This year, I’d just like to see all of us get representatives who remember that their sacred duty is to serve We The People, not them the corporations, not just those folks over there, not their personal ideals and power plays, but We ALL The People.

We are a democracy. Ever body is supposed to count, but our officials have forgotten that. And we deserve better.

Vote accordingly.